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Can You Help

Did you know that in the UK alone over 2 million printer cartridges are disposed of in landfill sites and 15 million unwanted mobiles are similarly discarded?

In partnership with Reclaim it a leading Electronic Waste management company, we have developed a scheme to turn your old mobile phones and empty printer cartridges into valuable funds to help continue our work.

If you would like to help us raise funds for Animals Asia whilst at the same time reducing the amount of electronic waste consigned to landfill, there are several methods for us to arrange the free collection of your old mobile phones and or empty printer cartridges.

  1. If you have some old mobile phones at home or use an inkjet printer then we can send you some free-post envelopes to return them directly to Reclaim-it on our behalf. Simply seal the old mobile phone(s) or empty inkjet cartridges in the envelope and pop it in the post to Reclaim-it totally free of charge who will donate the value to Animals Asia.
  1. If you work in a small office or shop perhaps you could take one of our free-post envelope display boxes so that friends, colleagues or visitors could pick up an envelope and also help us by recycling their old mobile phones and empty inkjet cartridges.
  1. If you work in a larger office that uses more printer cartridges then we can locate one of our empty cartridge collection boxes directly in your workplace. The collection box acts as a focus for recycling and once full all you need to do is call Reclaim-it who will arrange collection and replacement of the full box on our behalf.

To request any of the above simply click on the highlighted links, fill in your details, and you will receive the items by return post.

If you would like further information on our recycling fundraising scheme then you can contact us on 01579 347148, via Reclaim it on 01635 876 900 or alternatively contact us via email on

Finally on behalf of everyone at Animals Asia I would like to thank you for your kind support.